Message from Principal

Education is a blessing and blazing star in our mental horizon and it is the key to discover a new arena to the people of ignorance.  Education is the foundation for all round development. It is the harmonious progressive state of one’s moral, mental, physical and intellectual faculties. So, education is mandatory to attain for everyone whether it may be formal or informal. The more knowledge the learners attain, the more they can expand their outlook and rise to the peak of prosperity.

We know that citizens are made, not born. So, Education should aim at making real citizens and true patriot. It is noted that Siraj Uddin Sarker Vidyaniketan & College provides support for the education of under privileged children. Education usually takes place under the guidance of educators. We have well versed, well educated and resourceful faculties having with pedagogical knowledge. They have been working continuously for the development of the students. Moreover, we have provided ample opportunities for pursuing extra-curricular activities which are very much significant as these activities assist the learners to expose these latent talent. We also arrange indoors and out door games, debate competition, set speech, extempore, drawing, excursion and publishing journal etc which play a vital role that brings specialization in education. Moreover, we encourage the learners scouting and rovering which enhances their skills, techniques and competence to face the challenges at the present and future to improve not only their personal satisfaction, but also their communities.

I strongly believe that everyone has some intrinsic qualities which need to be brushed, polished and refined through education. Our main vision is to make the students a truly sensible human being.

Md. Wadudur Rahman

Siraj Uddin Sarker Vidyaniketan & College