Message from Chairman

At the very beginning, I would like to recall with deep gratitude to martyrs of the Liberation war in 1971 and we earned our desired victory and established an independent country through their supreme sacrifices. I convey my profound gratitude to each and every person who took the initiative to establish an educational institute for the deprived children of Tongi bazar area. It is an undeniable fact that the future of a society and nation depends upon the young generation, so to develop a country; there is no alternative way without educating that very young generation because Education plays a fundamental role in sustainable development, in promoting democracy, respect for human rights, and establishing peace and stability.

Siraj uddin sarker vidyaniketan & college is determined to establish a desired society through creating good citizen giving quality education. To impart the quality education require congenial atmosphere, well equipped infrastructure, a proficient Principal and a panel of well-versed teacher. At the same way, it requires enthusiastic and devoted approach of student which plays a significant role to germinate their creativity. I do believe that all the above mentioned quality have existed in Siraj uddin sarker vidyaniketan & college. The outstanding results of PSC, JSC, and SSC & Vocational in previous years are the burning exam of being an excellent educational institution. It not only contributes in educational sector but also in social well fair activities. It is immense pleasure for me that the reputation of it spreads beyond country magnificently therefore British council have given it world recognition with ISA certificate (International school award: 2013 -15).  To facilitate higher education, college section has been opened in 2013. I strongly believe that this institution will be the best institutions in Bangladesh.

I , the chairman of Governing body, is committed to develop educational requirements of our children and develop the cultural values. Together, let us bring our children the best among others.

Thank you very much for your support and trust.

Advocate Azmot  Ullah Khan


Siraj Uddin Sarker Vidyaniketan & College